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We are the Developing Digital Literacies Working Group.
Please consult our website for more information: http://digilearn.liv.ac.uk
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Definitions of Digital Literacies

Digital literacies is loosely defined by JISC as ‘digital literacy defines those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society.’ [i]  For the purposes of this programme digital literacies encompasses a wide range of skills/literacies including: ICT literacy (ability to use digital tools, software and devices to suit academic study or research purposes); information literacy (finding, evaluating information); media literacy (critically reading and creatively producing  academic and professional  communications in a range of media); digital scholarship and collaboration (ability to participate in emerging academic, professional systems and networks that are based on digital content/forms of communication; learning and life-planning skills that are aided by digital media. A digitally literate graduate is confident and capable of selecting and switching between appropriate tools and software for their social, research and professional purposes, and is able to interact, produce and exchange content in a range of media format efficiently. Digitally literate staff display the above graduate attributes and are able to utilise a range of tools to suit their research and teaching practice, and, by example, demonstrates these capacities to students.

The Developing Digital Literacies Programme (DDLP) aims to:

  • Enhance the graduate and employability profiles of UoL students, preparing them for the challenges of increasingly digitally literate work and learning contexts;
  • Raise institutional profile of Developing Digital Literacies by engaging senior managers and a range of staff; Inform staff about importance of national and institutional drivers regarding the development of Digital Literacies;
  • Review and update the Skills and Learning Strategy to provide an operational frame for the Developing Digital Literacies Programme, ensuring synergy with a range of relevant strategies (including Employability, eLearning and the Information Policy);
  • Audit current perspectives, attitudes, provision and practices of digital literacies across both staff and students;
  • Develop Faculty-specific digitally literate staff and student profiles:
  • Inform staff about available provision, our current developments and institutional progress.

Contacts (Programme Leads):

Tünde Varga-Atkins, eLearning Unit: tva@liv.ac.uk; Sarra Saffron Powell, Educational Development: sarrasaf@liv.ac.uk

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